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Powering the better use of medicines
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GuildLink powers the better use of medicine, by improving the way the Australian pharmaceutical industry educates, engages and connects with patients and key industry stakeholders.

GuildLink Medicines Information:

Better health outcomes and patient safety are maximised when everyone has access to the latest medicine information. By providing a single point of submission, GuildLink manages, stores, reports on and distributes in real-time the CMI’s, PI’s and Images of over 50 Australian pharmaceutical industry leaders.

  • Educate and empower the patient to better understand their medication
  • Distribute information in real-time* to the TGA, the patient and healthcare professionals through one point of submission, rather than multiple.
  • Save time and resources, as well as reduce human error by submitting information through one single source of truth channel
  • Meet internal and external reporting, auditing and compliance expectations through GuildLink processes and version control

GuildLink Patient Support Programs:

GuildLink provide an avenue for the pharmaceutical industry to work with community pharmacists to deliver custom designed and integrated ‘Patient Support Programs’ through Australia’s leading patient services recording platform – GuildCare NG.

  • Support and empower the patient to better understand their medication
  • Programs are custom designed and built in partnership with the sponsor, by Australia’s most experienced patient services provider
  • Reach patients in over 3,000 pharmacies Australia wide